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Case Results

Mr. Fox conducted a vigorous cross-examination of two arresting police officers during a hearing on motion to dismiss a DUI case (lack of probable cause) to the point where the judge requested that the prosecutor notify the officers' supervisor of the officers' conflicting, unpersuasive, and questionable testimony. The officer's untruthful statements in the police report were directly exposed and contradicted in cross-examination, also leading the judge to state that the officers' testimony was 'probably the worst she has ever heard on the bench.'

In a felony case of terroristic threats, after investigating and pleading the client's good character and after the interviewing of victims, Fox Firm successfully persuaded the prosecutor to downgrade the felony charge and then transfer it to the state court for the case to be handled as a misdemeanor where the client can qualify for a diversion program with a record expungement.

Mr. Fox successfully intervened in a probation case to avoid issuance of a probation warrant. After the client's probation officer relied upon a mistaken interpretation of the sentencing order, the supervisor was contacted and the resulting review of the case ended up causing the client's probation to be terminated.

Mr. Fox succeeded in placing a client in a diversion program for possession of marijuana and possession of alcohol by a minor. Due to a citation-only charging process, the client's record is to remain untarnished as a result of disposition.

After arranging for client to appear before the court as a walk-in case on a felony probation violation charge so that the client could avoid first turning herself into the jail on the 'failure-to-report' warrant, the Superior Court judge agreed with my argument that my client should not serve any jail time for her failure to report to probation. The probation officer was seeking to have my client serve at least 120 days in jail. The warrant was recalled.

After a police sting, my client was arrested for solicitation of a prostitute (pandering). Although the senior prosecutor said she had never before offered entry into a diversion program to someone charged with a sex offense, I was able to persuade the prosecutor that the circumstances of the sting and my client's character should justify a chance to have the case dismissed through diversion. The prosecutor ultimately agreed and my client entered the 'dismissal through diversion' program.

Client was charged with felony possession of cocaine and misdemeanor possession of marijuana when police officer obtained search warrant for client's home and SWAT team forced entry into client's home and subsequently discovered drugs. After my investigation and research yielded significant problems with the basis for the search warrant, the prosecutor dropped the felony cocaine charges and permitted client to enter conditional plea to marijuana charge that would result in the marijuana charge also being dismissed after client successfully participated in a drug treatment program.

Client was arrested for failure to appear in court for his arraignment and had no court date when I was hired. I was able to have the Judge place client on a court set for two business days after I was hired. Client was released from jail at first court appearance and given a sentence to pay not fine and pay $100 restitution with probation to completely terminate upon payment of said restitution.

Probation officer sought to revoke the full balance of client's 11 months of probation after client tested positive for cocaine while on probation for a drug charge. With client's commitment to get help for his drug addiction that began with painkiller prescription abuse after he had several surgeries for a set of serious injuries, the judge agreed to release client from jail after serving ten (10) days on condition that he enter a treatment facility. The judge further allowed client to retain his status on conditional discharge despite the probation violations.

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