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Applying for or Challenging an Arrest Warrant

Legal Guidance from a Lawrenceville Criminal Attorney

In certain instances, such as when the police are called but refuse to act, civilians are entitled to seek the arrest of another civilian by way of an arrest application (also known as a warrant application). In this event, a magistrate judge will hold a hearing and, after listening to sworn testimony and evidence, may issue an arrest warrant.

Whether you are seeking assistance defending against an arrest warrant application, or are applying for someone to be arrested for the commission of a crime, a Lawrenceville criminal defense lawyer can draw upon legal experience and resources in the warrant application hearing process.

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The Process and What to Expect

To begin the warrant application process, one first appears in person at the magistrate's office in the county where the crime occurred and submits the application. In most cases, the court will then set the matter down for a hearing in about 10 days and send notice of the hearing to the potential arrestee by regular mail.

Because the rules of evidence and legal procedure apply just as if the case were presented at a trial (with a couple of important exceptions), it is crucial to seek the legal guidance and protection of a seasoned attorney in the defense or pursuit of a warrant at a hearing.

Working with a Top-Tier Firm

With more than 20 years of experience in this field, Lawrenceville criminal attorney at Fox Firm, P.C. can offer you the knowledgeable counsel you need in addressing your warrant application. His dedication to personalized service and unrelenting legal counsel have enabled him to handle even the most complex or serious criminal charges and cases.

For more information and help with your case, contact a Lawrenceville warrant application attorney at our law offices today.

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